Bailey and Graci

Say hello to Bailey, the dapper fella with the amazing scarf, and Graci, the scrumptious little princess with the best. head. tilts. EVER!


Bailey is 10 year old Shih-poo who absolutely LOVES cuddles.  He’s faced some skin issues, which are taken care of by his people, who work tirelessly to make his food, complete with vegetables, eggs and supplements. His favourite are his sweet potato treats; those were a big help during his session, ’cause even at 10 this dude can be still pretty full of energy, and get into his hyper zone.

The best way to get a guy’s attention is to offer him food, right?  RIGHT??


Her royal highness, Miss Gracie the teacup Yorkie, is…well.. kind of full of herself.   But in a super-adorbs-how-can-you-NOT-love-me kind of way.  She needs to be close to her people, and ADORES her big brother, but is not too much of a cuddler.  Fraternizing with common folk?  Beneath her position, really; but we can forgive the tiny hoity-toity-ness because COME ON, look at that face!

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