Featured on: Collar of Duty

Hi everybody, I have some super exciting news!

This past summer I met an incredible family, whose service dog Spirit has helped her handler , a CAF veteran, through everyday life with PTSD.  Spirit and her handler Butch were recently featured on an episode of “Collar of Duty”, a 12 part series about working animals on ANIMAL PLANET!


If you catch the episode, you’ll  see some photos as taken by yours truly during our session together.  HOW COOL IS THAT?? (I’m so totally doing a happy dance right now)


To find out more about the series, visit the page at: http://www.summerhillmedia.com/…/COLLAR-OF-DUTY-Our-New-Ori…


To read more about Spirit and Butch’s session, check out the blog post here: http://jlpetphotos.ca/troop-m…/troop-mates-butch-and-spirit/


Go say hi to Spirit and see what she’s been up to on her Facebook page! –> https://www.facebook.com/Spiritservicedog/

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