Meet Josée

Hi there!


My name is Josée (pronouced JO-ZAY), and I’m pleased to meet you.


I work with animals in the Ottawa Gatineau area, to create exquisite portraits for their favourite people.


I grew up an only child in a constantly moving military family, and as such my pets were always the constant in my life. My bond with them traversed thousands of kilometres, and I learned from a young age that they were FAMILY.  This is why I focus on creating custom pet photography for my clients; to ensure that the memories of your beloved pet will live on long after they are gone.  My mission as a lifestyle pet photographer is to capture your fur baby’s personality and spirit, in order to preserve the memories, the love, and the bond shared between you and the four-legged love of your life forever.


I have a background in Photography from Algonquin College, and some of my photos have recently been featured on Animal Planet’s “Collar of Duty”.  I was even lucky enough (and a little starstruck, not gonna lie) to participate in an episode of Voyage de Chien with Canadian Franco-Ontarian singer Damien Robitaille, where my Troop Mates project was featured.


My pets are like my children, and life without them would be unimaginable.  Growing up I always had a dog (or several), including a samoyed, a black lab, a chocolate lab, a trio of coonhounds, and most recently a blend of who-knows-what.   Our current household critter count consists of our two cats, Kiwi and Kismet, who rule the house and should be wearing crowns.




  •  Movies.
  •  Spending time outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking.
  •  The company of family and friends.
  •  Reading.  Books, books, and more books!
  •  A glass of red wine (usually while reading a book).
  •  Getting that awesome parking spot on a busy day.


So that’s me in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoy the site, and look forward to meeting you and your furkids!



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